"As an international lawyer with offices in Europe, Hong Kong and Mainland China I was referred to APSA several years ago and have been a member ever since. While I found the networking with experts in an area which was new to me – yachting in China – important initially, I feel that APSA has grown into much more: a platform not only for the exchange of business cards and email addresses, but for the business interests of the yachting industry in Asia as a whole. Over the last 12 months I noticed that APSA has become a very active organisation As a result, networking has substantially improved both in quality and quantity; in my case, I have met an number of industry experts who became not only clients but friends. Naturally, I am pleased to "spread the word" about APSA and its membership benefits wherever I can. Write or call me if you want more information."

Henning Schwarzkopf, Managing Director
CHEURAM Consulting Group

“Rosemont’s active participation in APSA has played a key role in our brand positioning in the Asia-Pacific region and Worldwide. Thanks to the APSA’s network and actions, Rosemont has accessed to the Asia-Pacific market’s valuable data and knowledge, has attracted talents, has built up a quality network and has been recognized as an important player and expert in the superyacht ownership, administration and management services. By extension, Rosemont Yachting services’ positioning has benefited to Rosemont’s Family Office, Trust and Fiduciary services, and this is an important factor for us to strengthen our involvement in APSA’s projects”

Peter Brigham, CEO 
Rosemont International

“As a long-time resident of the region and MD of Hong Kong-based Superyacht Solutions Ltd, I am naturally most supportive of the Asian industry and its participants. Engagement with APSA-sponsored events and networking opportunities has proven a useful and enjoyable business-development platform. We look forward to continuing our support for APSA and its membership in the further development of the yachting industry across the Asia region. I cannot laud APSA highly enough for its efforts to date and commend membership to any business with a stake in the future of our industry.”

Gareth Ahern, Director
Superyacht Solutions Limited

“Asia-Pacific Superyacht Association undoubtedly is a very important platform for the yacht-ing-related community around Asia, especially for Hong Kong, where the benefit of marine economy is, unfortunately, being neglected. We are thankful for having APSA organized a seminar for The Baroque on Lamma in 2015, which is an invaluable chance to communicate with the industry and gather their views on our green-marina project and the trend of the industry. It is important to arouse the public awareness of the advantage that marine indus-try can bring to Hong Kong and Asia, and I believe APSA is a perfect platform to gather the industry and spearhead the campaign.”

August Tiu, General Manager
The Baroque on Lamma

“'Some of the world's most remote and picturesque anchorages can be found in Asia. We applaud APSA for their efforts to make these destinations easier to reach for yachts, as well as promoting services to these areas.”

Capt. Robert Hossack 
MY Maverick II

“Sevenstar has been operating in Asia for some time, however, with the opening of the re-gional office in Hong Kong and the consolidation of satellite offices and subsequent increase in business in the region it is very useful to be a member of APSA. Through the APSA network we are able to get more information and support and conduct mutually beneficial business working together with other companies within the Association.”

Charles Massey, Sales Asia 
Sevenstar Yacht Transport